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Re-elect Senator Wieland for State Senate, District 22

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There is no other issue that is as pressing today as creating employment opportunities for our citizens.  Unfortunately, many of our elected officials have never worked in the private sector, let alone managed or operated a business.

I have started several businesses and I understand that one of the biggest obstacles to creating jobs is government.  Higher taxes, additional mandates and excessive regulations are not the answer.  Business owners risk everything they have in order to provide for their families and the families of their employees.

The pro-business environment we need starts with giving the business owners and managers confidence that decisions they make today are sound.  As new government taxes and regulations are proposed, many decision makers take the "let's see what will happen" approach.  This freezes new spending by their companies and puts a halt to new job creation.

One solution I would propose is that any new tax, mandate or regulation be implemented no sooner than three years and in most cases five years after it is adopted.

I will work to find new solutions, innovative practices, and create opportunities to jump start our economy and put Missourians back to work.


One of our greatest responsibilities is to ensure that every child has access to quality education.  I will work to not only improve standards but also increase student achievement.

I believe we should maintain local control of the decisions about curriculum, instruction and policy.

We should also demand more accountability from our public school systems and provide alternatives to children who are mired in failing schools.


As a life-long supporter of the 2nd amendment, I understand the fundamental right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.  I will work hard to advance a pro-2nd amendment agenda.

I will defend Missouri's Castle Doctrine, which protects our right to defend ourselves in our homes.  I will support legislation to ensure authorities could not use a natural disaster or any other crisis as an excuse to confiscate firearms.


Like most of my Jefferson County neighbors, I support traditional values.  If there is any one issue that stands above all others it is that I believe we have a moral responsibility to stand up for our most vulnerable, the unborn.  I believe the sanctity of life needs to be respected from conception until natural death.

I also oppose human cloning, especially embryonic stem cell research, which destroys life at its most susceptible condition.


The most important things in my life are my wife Terri and my three daughters Coleen, Cathy and Nicole.  I believe that it is the responsibility of government to create an environment where traditional values are supported and protected.

I believe that marriage was intended to be between a man and a woman.


I will seek to expand access to health care by promoting legislation that increases efficiencies while letting the patient and the physician make care decisions.

I will support every Missourians right to choose the Health Care they feel is best without any undue pressure from any governmental agency or administration.


I believe in limited government.  Government closest to the people is the most responsive and efficient.  Larger government (State/Federal) by its very essence is inefficient and should only provide those goods and/or services that are impractical (roads/infrastructure) in the private sector or protect the common good (law enforcement/prisons).

A limited government works within its means and, by keeping the tax burden low, it empowers the people to spend their money as they wish in a free-market economy.


Missourians deserve to have confidence in the integrity of our elected leaders.  Enacting campaign finance reform laws that make transparent who is funding campaigns is a must.  Eliminating potential conflicts of interest between elected officials by restricting them from "consulting" in exchange for Campaign Cash needs to be a law.


I adamantly oppose eminent domain laws that allow any government entity to provide non-public projects preference over private property owners.

Families should not have to worry about having their property taken by the government just because a government entity can generate additional taxes.




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